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dad with young daughter on his shoulders standing in a field

family is our why. our daughter Olive is our world, and we absolutely delight in being her parents. we work hard so we can be as present as possible with her, and bringing her along on all the places this job takes us is the greatest gift. raising a daughter is the honor of our lifetimes - here's a glimpse into our world.

mom holding young daughter on her hip, mom is wearing a white sundress and daughter a denim overall jumper at a summer farmers market, mom is kissing daughter on the cheek


toddler girl standing in the ocean holding her dad's hands who is standing behind her. She is wearing a pink and white striped bathing suit and staring down into the water
mom and young toddler daughter standing by the ocean on the pacific northwest coast. mom is crouched down next to daughter holding onto her arm, both in winter coats staring out onto the water



baby and golden retriever laying on the floor together in black and white
black and white photo of a dad carrying his baby in a wildbird ring sling taking a photo in the mirror of the both of them
mother and toddler daughter sitting outside on a summer day on the patio furniture in the backyard. The toddler is sitting on her mom's lap and her mom is kissing her on the cheek


Christiana is mom - meets bonus bridesmaid - meets spare no cost to make sure your day runs as smoothy as possible. She's there bustling dresses, touching up makeup, reminding you to drink water, and somehow managing to capture the day as well.

she's continuously reminding couples that the only part of the day that truly matters is that you marry your person - and everything else is a beautiful gift. she'll keep you laughing the whole time and makes everyone feel like an old friend.


Daniel is calm in the face of every storm. He's an avid over-preparer and has every outlet in the house filled with batteries the day before a wedding. He's safe, secure, and the person you want near when things don't go according to plan. He's a go-with-the-flow, guys' guy, girl dad wrapped around a tiny finger. He captures real moments as they happen naturally, and wherever Daniel is, his film camera is somewhere close by.



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