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your life is happening. Engagements will turn into marriages, and maternity into parenthood. your story will tell itself whether we're there to capture it or not, and the worst thing we could ever do for you is interfere with how you're telling your story. this has nothing to do with us

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it has everything to do with remembering what it felt like to walk down the aisle - to bring your baby home for the first time - It's about how it felt to say yes to marrying your person - and saying I do to the rest of your life together. It's about the million little moments in between. The ones no one but you will ever see - the ones in between cleaning up from dinner and sliding into bed at night. this is about you.


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Denver Wedding Photographer team
Denver Wedding Photographer
Denver Wedding Photographer

Hi friend, we're Daniel & Christiana Bultedaob. We are a Denver Wedding Photographer, husband and wife team. From our years in the wedding industry, along with planning our own in 2015, we've seen first hand just how transactional the wedding industry has become. Too many vendors see you as another contract or weekend marked off on their calendar. It's exhausting scrolling through site after site, conducting search after search, looking for someone who views your day for what it is - the culmination of your story together, while somehow also just the beginning.

We want to know you. Because we believe the only way to truly tell your story, is to enter into it with you, regardless of who you are or who you love.

We're proud of this business we've built. The couples we get to love on - and love on them hard. The sacred, quiet moments we're witness to, those take the cake.

We spend our days as a family - going on long walks with our daughters and golden retriever in our suburban neighborhood nestled in the foothills.

We love our kindles, home cooked meals, and reality tv (looking at you, Love Island). We come alive in the summer and get through the cold months the best we can, cherishing all the sunny winter days Colorado gifts us. We get to the west coast as often as possible, and dream of life in the sun year round.

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